Flexible fitness, anywhere, anytime. You decide with FlexiFit

FlexiFit renews the personal training business model by making it relevant to the fast-paced and digitally-connected world. We call it On-Demand Fitness.

FlexiFit in a nutshell

Workouts to fit your lifestyle

Too busy to get to the gym? FlexiFit is perfect for time-pressed professionals and anyone looking for a fitness professional, fast.

It's all about Convenience

You choose when and where you would like to squeeze your training session in. No memberships and no contracts. Fitness on your terms.

We want you to WIN

You don't want your busy schedule to stop you from working out and neither do we. Get training today and let FlexiFit help you reach your goals!

How FlexiFit works

Connecting people to professionals

1. Select your workout

Explore trainers that offer workouts such as, Personal Training, Boxing, Yoga and more.

3. Pick a date, time and location

Specify where and when you would like to workout.

2. Choose your trainer

Search for and pick a fitness professional that suits your needs.

4. Enjoy your session!

Once your request has been accepted, it's all go from there. Don't worry, your trainer will bring everything you need.

Become A Trainer

Signup to FlexiFit and become an on-demand fitness professional. Help more people achieve their goals.

... ...

Increase Exposure

Being a FlexiFit trainer will enable you to increase your exposure to people looking to find a fitness professional in your area.

Help more people

You have the opportunity to broaden your client base and help people on demand.

Fill in gaps throughout your day

Have a few spare hours in the middle of your day? You're not alone. The on demand fitness model will allow you to fill in gaps throughout the day, whenever you choose.

Build a reputation

Your professionalism and great work shows. Build a reputation on FlexiFit and in your local area. Only the best have a 5* rating.


Experience on demand fitness

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